The 2015-2016 School year is quickly approaching! 


All of us at Many Hands are very excited to serve nearly 2,000 Elementary kids this year!  Our goal is to serve over 2,250 kids by the end of the school year. 


In the past, St. Luke church graciously allowed us to store the Weekend Survival Kits in their basement but will be unable to offer that space moving forward since they are renovating.  Thank you so much to St. Luke for all your support!


WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  We are looking for a new location (maybe another church) that would allow us to STORE the WSK bags.  In a perfect world, we could pack AND store :)  If you have any ideas please feel free to email us at or call Jeff Gorsline at (517) 881-2234.  As always, THANK YOU for your continued support!!

It's More Blessed to Give than it is to Receive

Many hands make light work, and each of us can make a difference by working together to create communities of caring to help those in need.

10,000 Beautiful Souls In Need

10,000 Children in Ingham County struggle with hunger outside of school, making them 2x more likely to have to repeat a grade or need special education. On average, these children are 1-2 grade levels behind their peers.

Weekend Survival Kits

The Weekend Survival Kit Program is used to serve the children that are food insecure during non-school hours, specifically on the weekends. Whether you want to become a volunteer or support our cause in other ways, you can make a difference.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a child for an entire year for less than the cost of a weekly latte.